SEA GRACE CREW AGENCY LLC is a developing and actively expanding manning agency situated in Odessa, Ukraine having highly experienced staff with rich background of working in maritime industry. The company is incorporated and certified in accordance with the requirements of Ministry for Development of Economy, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine

SEA GRACE CREW AGENCY LLC provides professional services of selection of proficient seafarers to its partners for the following groups of vessels:

Offshore fleet
Offshore fleet


Oil and gas sector
Oil and gas sector

Chemical / product carriers, LPG / LNG, etc.

Tramp tonnage
Tramp tonnage

Bulk carriers, MPVs, etc.

SEA GRACE CREW AGENCY LLC also provides a set of additional services, which is an integral part of crew change process:


arrangement of medical examination covering all parts of relevant procedure including but not limited to the issuance of International certificate, passing D/A test, carrying out necessary vaccination, filling up flag state forms

assistance in obtaining and/or updating of all types of seafarer's documentation (certificates, licensees, etc.)

purchase of all types of required work clothes and items (coveralls, safety shoes, helmets, etc.)

assistance in booking of international and domestic flights and local transportation of the seafarers

arrangement of issuance of different types of the visas

SEA GRACE CREW AGENCY LLC always puts the needs of its clients first